Download: PyVibCall 0.5.4 (12.05.2008)


PyVibCall (for S60 3rd)

Installation notes:

Install all sis-files on c:

  • Install Python for S60 (Get it here:
  • Sign the following files:
    -> miso-1.92-s60_3rd_dev_unsigned.sis
    -> envy_3rd_1_0_4_unsigned.sis
  • Install the above sis-files on C:
  • Install PyVibCall_v0_5_4_self-signed.sis on C: (it's self-signed, so it doesn't have to be signed!)

Using PyVibCall:

  • Start PyVibCall from your programs folder.
  • Minimize PyVibCall by pressing the red key (the one for ending a call), or press the menu-key.
  • Dial a number. Your phone now should vibrate until the called person picks up his/her phone.
  • To close PyVibCall, hold down the menu-key and select PyVibCall from the tasklist, or navigate to the icon in your programs-folder. Within the programm, press the right soft-key or select "Quit" from the list. "Options" -> "Quit" will do the same. ;-)

You'll be notified, if miso or envy is missing. However, you should test if vibration is working by selecting it from the list or options-menu.

Known Bugs:
The phone starts vibrating again, if the call you'va made was short (less then 40 seconds). It will stop vibrating after 1-30 seconds!

Q: Why does pressing the red key quit PyVibCall?
A: There's something wrong with envy. Try installing again.

Q: My Phone doesn't vibrate. What's wrong here?
A: Either miso isn't working (in this case, try installing miso again), or the phone is connected with some cable (either USB or the battery charger).

Q: Which phones are supported?
A: I don't know. I guess it will run on almost any other S60 3rd phone. But since I don't really know, I'm not responsible for any damages.

Seems to run on:

  • Nokia N95 (21 Firmware)
  • Nokia N95 8GB (15 Firmware)
  • Nokia N95 8GB (20 Firmware)

If you experience any difficulties using PyVibCall, then there's nothing you can do about it. I'm just programming python a few days now and don't know anything about bugfixing or improving compatibility!

All needed files are included in the zip-file.
The latest versions can be found here:
Python for S60:


Since I don't know anything about licensing, PyVibCall is (and will always be) free for everybody. Host it, post it, share it, do what ever you like with it.

PS: Thanks to Tongren for just releasing a 30-call-limited non-python-version, which gave me the opportunity to do it myself and learn some python.