PyGMaps R-Geo

PyGMaps R-Geo makes use of Google Maps to obtain address-information for given coordinates (Latitude & Longitude in format ###.######).
Furthermore, you can view a 640x640 pixels sized map of the location.
Note, that reverse-geocoding is a very tricky task, which is why this may not work in certain areas. Naturally, if the coordinates point to a forest or whatever, a streetname can not be displayed. City and zip-code are likely to not work then either.

PyGMaps R-Geo makes use of Google Maps in a way it violates their terms of use. Use at your OWN risk!

Download: PyGMaps R-Geo 0.0.1

Installation notes:

Just unpack the content of to a folder of your choice and run "PyGMaps R-Geo.exe".